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Monster Fat Bags By Conely's 6"/4" Fiberglass Saddlebag with Lids

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Conely's FAT, Fat, Fat Bags are 4" wider and 6" longer then the stock Harley saddlebags. Conely's FAT, FAT ,FAT saddlebags are the largest on the market today.

Conely's bags are 6 layers of 2.0oz. mat fiberglass with one layer of 10oz. boat cloth, The bags are now made in a vacuum mold so there is no more seams. (plus we put 1 extra strip of 2.0 oz Rope mat around the top edge of the bag to make the top edge stronger) The New bags are gel coat finished inside and out. They come in a Black Gelcoat. Conely's Bags are shaved on the bottom at a 50 degree angle so you don't hit your bags or paint on the road. Conely's Fat bags come with a new designed Fat lid to give it a very fat look from the top and back. The bags are as wide as the crash bar on your bike so you can still split lanes west coast style. At Conely's we have them gel coat you will need to have them painted. All bags and lids come straight and easy to prep. Conely's Fiberglass now comes with a limited life time warranty. We at Conely's look forward to seeing our bags on your or your friends' Bikes. Thanks.