Conely's Carbon Fiber Fender and Fairing OR Kit

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This fits 06 to 17 Dyna Street bob or Low Riders.  Sold  separately or as a kit. The kit comes with

Front Fairing for 49mm, your choice glass size. 06-17 Front fender Dyna's 06-17 Rear Fender Dyna's..


 Do not order a Fairing and Expect it will ship the same day.

It's Supply and demand. We do our best to ship the same week.

We also offer the fenders or fairing sold separately.

These parts are sold separately..

Front Fender 99-05 Front fender or 99-05 Rear Fender.

We do it in a Black/Gray Carbon fiber. Light weight. Heavy duty. Rear fender comes with metal Inserts for seats to bolt on to.

Made in the USA here at Conely's.

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Custom Color Matching is available for an  Extra Charge, Call Office